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What’s a 1-percenter? A look at these jarring statistics will show you even better than I can tell you:

  • 70% of traders lose all their money inside of one year…
  • Within the 30% who make money, only 5% of all retail traders make money over time!
  • And a mere 1% make 90% of that money.

If you don’t think finding your way into that 1% group is important… even critical… today, you can simply employ a buy-and-hold strategy and buy-and-hope for the best.

But I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to.

Every week in Power Profit Trades, I’ll show you how it’s possible to turn small amounts of money – under $500 – into double-and triple-digit gains. I won’t even talk about a strategy or trade unless it has the potential to double your money.

I’ve developed a proprietary trading platform that – with a click of the mouse – scours through 10 years’ worth of data on 250 of the top stocks, looking for repeatable patterns no human could find.

With 90% to 100% accuracy it pinpoints not only which stocks will rise or fall in share price, but also on what day of the week it will happen and over what period of time.

Look at it this way: if you knew with virtual certainty how much a stock is going to move, up to 90% of the time, for the past 10 years over a short period of time… well that’s a pretty sure bet on a profitable move.

I’m a “technical” trader, unconcerned about the latest news or ranting from the financial press.

I’m interested in price movements and facts… and making money.

Lots of money.

And that’s what you’ll see in Power Profit Trades.

In addition to guiding you to profitable trades, I’ll teach you how to execute the trade, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

As I said, my goal is to help you make money like the top 1% of elite traders.

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