Fast Fortune Club

Using the same intelligence from my patent-pending invention – The Money Calendar – Fast Fortune Club will show you how to set up a series of take-it-to-the-bank payouts of $605… $822… $1,190… $2,830 every single week.

Weekly Cash Clock

My revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock is the only service that gets you in on a Monday and puts you in position to capture your triple-digit profits on Friday – each and every week. You can make more money with lower risk than anything you’re doing right now – or have ever done before – with this research service.

Microcurrency Trader

Currencies make up the biggest market in the world today. And a tiny, virtually undiscovered offshoot of that market is making regular, everyday Americans become rich in the blink of an eye – microcurrencies. That’s why I harnessed the lucrative power of my patent-pending suite of proprietary tools to create Microcurrency Trader. By tapping into this new market, you could make money like you’ve never seen before.

Vega Burst Trader

Vega Burst Trader is the culmination of more than a decade of creating and perfecting a technology that is able to comb through years of data to identify extremely predictable trades with specific entry and exit dates weeks in advance. After consulting a team of research analysts and literal rocket scientists, he developed an advanced system, BRUTUS, capable of identifying Vega Bursts, something a lot more predictable than stock price.

Quantum Data Profits

Tom Gentile just developed a brand-new way to capture the biggest, fastest gains available today. This breakthrough can detect rapid stock moves using a revolutionary scientific method… and turn those moves into a motherlode of potential profits.

Rocket Wealth Initiative

With Tom Gentile’s Rocket Wealth Initiative, you can earn big-cash payouts in less than 24 hours – and receive major discounts on the market’s top 100 blue chip stocks. This is is the single biggest wealth-building opportunity Tom has ever seen, and it may never exist again.



Darknet is a revolutionary algorithm capable of over 15 trillion operations per second. Tom Gentile and his team developed the Darknet to break down market action into tight, second-by-second frames to spot abnormalities that can often spark incredible change in a stock’s behavior. Once these “mutations” have been identified, a 30-day trading window opens for a monster opportunity for anyone who wants to make money in these rough markets.

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