Your Entire Trading Strategy May Be Based on a Lie

Over the past week, we’ve been tracking the biggest errors traders are making – like neglecting earnings reports and jumping out of trades before expiration.

However, the most damaging offenses stem from a certain myth that’s being fed to traders – especially newer traders.

I’m even willing to bet that you heard it when you started trading, too.

And you might have centered your entire trading methodology on it.

But here’s the thing…

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Double Your Weekly Profits with the Most Powerful Tool Wall Street Can’t Get Rid Of

Last month, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) eliminated my favorite order.

It may have been your favorite order too.

What it ultimately did was give you the control over your trades… not the other way around.

Now they claim they eliminated it because they’re trying to protect you.

But the real reason is that traders – like you- are just making too much money.

And I’ve got the proof.

I’m also going to tell what they don’t want you to know…

Let’s get started

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One Easy Way to Double the Value of Your Options Positions

On Tuesday, we discussed the biggest mistake traders and investors are making this month.

But today, I want to talk about another major mistake traders are making.

Now to be fair… they’re making it because they’re simply misinformed.

But what they’re misinformed about provides an opportunity for their portfolios to double in value – at half the price.

Luckily, you’re not going to make this mistake…

Because I’m going to give you the facts right now.

Let’s go.

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You Can Avoid the Biggest Mistake Traders are Making Right Now… In Just One Click

Dear Reader,

There’s no point in spending your money on a trade if you don’t know how well a company is doing.

And just because a company may seem like it’s “too big to fail” doesn’t mean it can’t.

Remember Enron?

No matter how large and popular a business may seem, it simply cannot survive if its growth is dwindling or stagnant.

Today, 182 companies are releasing their “health reports.”

So I’m going to give you the tools you need to weed out those that are dying from those that are thriving.

And you’ll want to read this before it’s too late…

Let’s get started.

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How to Tell if that Trade You Want is REALLY Worth your Money Right Now

Investor’s growing concerns – like what the Fed will do in the future, how China’s economic situation will pan out, and where oil will end up- are driving the markets right now.

And this uncertainty can turn that winning trade of yours into a huge disappointment – in a matter of seconds.

Just look at what happened to Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) this year, for example.

But I have some great news for you…

You can predict just how much a stock will move in the future before you spend a penny on your next trade.

And it’s easy…

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This “Guru” Will Always Tell You If Your Trade Could Be A Moneymaker

To make thousands of dollars every month trading options, there two key elements you need to know: where a stock is going and when it will get there.

There are hundreds of technical indicators out there – like the commodity channel index (CCI), the relative strength index (RIS), and thesimple moving average – and we’ve talked about a few of these.

But of all the indicators that are out there, only one reigns supreme.

It tells you how tradable a stock is.

It tells you how effective a price move of a stock is.

It even tells you the likelihood of your trades being winners.

In fact, basically every other technical indicator is derived from it.

Yet not enough people know how to use this “guru” to make money.

So I’m going to tell you.

Let’s get started…

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Why Your Biggest Payout Could Arrive At Expiration… and Not Before

It’s easy to worry about when to exercise your trades.

Especially when you’re new to options.

If you exit your position too early, you could miss out on huge profits.

But if you wait too long, and the stock ends up in-the-money…

Then there’s a chance that the options will be exercised, and you’ll be assigned the shares.

The key is knowing when to make your move.

And while, normally, I’m happy to take a double on my trades right away…

There are times when it pays to wait all the way until expiration.

Let me show you the perfect example:

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The One Stop They Can’t Eliminate Could Protect Your Portfolio the Most

The most basic principle of making money is not losing it.

If there’s no way around that – then don’t lose more than you make.

Now this may sound easy to do… but it isn’t.

Sometimes trading can feel like a bet that’s gone horribly wrong.

You put your money on the table, and the market takes it, having no intention of ever giving it back.

But there’s one thing you should know that will set you apart from the trader who loses it all …

How to utilize a “stop.”

And I’m not talking about the one that the New York Stock Exchange is eliminating…

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“Maverick Stocks” for a Turbulent Market

In a market where volatility reigns, you pretty much have to throw out ALL conventional ways of trading.

Fundamental analysis doesn’t work, unless you are really thinking long term and can accept the drawdown that is likely to occur.

Technical analysis doesn’t work because it uses lagging data that, for the most part, often points to oversold conditions.

Even long-term patterns like the “election year pattern” aren’t working (although you could argue that it might just be working when looking the incumbents’ performance over this past year).


The right question that’s on the minds of all short-term traders is…

What stocks or ETFs are working the best in today’s markets?

Let’s take a look at these mavericks today. They come in two distinct types…

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Using All “Four Legs” to Lock in Profits on Flat Markets

I’ve shown you how to use the bull put spread to dominate minor upward market moves.

And I introduced you to the bear call spread… which you can use to take advantage of smaller market downticks.

Both of these strategies are great to use when wanting to further leverage your cost of an option trade beyond buying calls or puts.

But there’s one thing we haven’t talked about yet…

How to play a flat market.

Here’s what you’ll need when the markets just won’t budge…

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