The Power of Options Plays Out in Three Days

Normally I highlight trades that should take about 30 days to find us a double.

I don’t usually – in fact, I rarely – write about trades expecting them to work faster than that 30-day horizon. However, when a trade works as quickly as the one I’m going to talk about does, I don’t want to ignore it, nor pass up on taking the money, even if it’s not at the “double” I’m normally waiting for.

And by quick I mean three trade days quick! I didn’t anticipate this trade happening so quickly, though I figured it would have to at least happen a bit quicker than normal.

This one worked in one-tenth the usual time.

So instead of waiting, I went for it, trusting in the tools I use to find these moneymaking opportunities.

There’s lesson in all of this, and it’s all about what a 70% gain can teach us about my investment methods… and our ability to generate some serious financial returns.

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Our 100% Loophole Trade Was Easy

By now you know that my goal with certain, specific trading methods is to get a 100% return on investment (ROI) with virtually every trade opportunity.

With trading tools and rules I use, I look at the vast array of options available to me so that I can find the ones that show a possible 100% return (or a “doubler”).

And I like to know if it’s possible to double BEFORE I spend my first dollar on a trade.

I like to keep my trades as simple as possible, but sometimes that means I’m looking for an opening others just don’t see.

So rather than give up on a trade I think has great potential, I’ll work a little magic… and in the case of a recent Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN) trade, it led me to an easy 110% return.

Let’s take a look at my way to make a profitable trade when others see nothing…

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