How to Lose Your Life Savings… in One Day

I want to talk to you about a live stream video I watched with my son last week involving a strange man in a mask.

Now I know this sounds weird, and it’s not something I’d normally pay attention to… but the magnitude of what this guy did is something that happens to traders every single day. It’s happened to a couple of my students (on a much smaller scale), and it’s probably happening to someone even as I write this.

And after the Dow, S&P 500, and the NASDAQ hit brand-new record highs yesterday, it’s something we really need to talk about right now…

Before it happens to you.

Betting All of Your Money on an “Intuition” Trade

There’s three specific rules to potentially double your money in the stock market every single week, and we’ll talk about two of those rules on Wednesday. But today, I only want to focus on one: creating low-risk, high-reward trades. And as you’ll see in my video above, placing trades based on your intuition and why you think a stock will move is the fastest and easiest way to lose all of your money – in as little as 24 hours.

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Tom Gentile

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