This Earnings Play Could Double Your Money by July 26

According to the so-called analysts on the financial news networks, escalating trade war tensions and uncertainties are to blame for the Dow’s first loss in its five-day winning streak.

Here’s the funny thing, though…

That “winning streak” they were ranting and raving about was less than 1% (0.8%, to be exact). Imagine how long it would take to reach your financial dreams if that’s the best return you could make per week.

You’re looking at a 3.2% return in one month (and that’s contingent upon the Dow trading higher every single day for the next 30 days).

But not one small group of traders…

While the Dow was chugging along, they locked down seven triple-digit closeouts, including partial closeouts – for 878.26% total gains.

And now, thanks to this time-tested method, you’ve got an opportunity to double your money on a unique earnings play by July 26.

Here’s everything you need to know…

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Tom Gentile
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