Avoid the Market FOMO with This “Clairvoyant” Market Predictor

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The past few weeks have seen some bullish market gains – and it seems that June is shaping up to be the month that erases the woes of May.

That doesn’t mean we’re clear of all volatility, though – there’s still ongoing tensions between the U.S. and China (as well as Iran) that could potentially shake up the markets.

And after a 10-year historic bull market, the fact is, we’re still overdue for a correction.

But that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to an uncertain market…

Here’s how to cash in no matter what happens next…

We’ve talked about mass-induced “FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)” that’s currently plaguing the market.

When the markets are constantly rising and falling, it can be hard to decide when the “right time” is to buy into a stock. And when paired with the impending “economic doomsday,” the FOMO becomes even more heightened…

But as traders, we know that one of the most important rules of success is this:

Do not chase the gaps, buy the news, or sell out of fear.

(I’ll reveal the number one rule soon – stay tuned).

That’s one of easiest – and most common – ways to lose your entire nest egg to market volatility.

And while it’s true that there’s no (actual) crystal ball out there to tell you exactly what will happen next, you can predict where a stock or ETF is moving.

In fact, that’s exactly what my latest breakthrough, the Triple-V Trade Protocol, does with a very special group of 100 stocks.

It’s downright incredible…

What my team determined is when you plug in price, volume, range, high, low, etc., and include the stock’s historical path…

You can determine with a very high degree of accuracy exactly where the stock is going to go next.

I want to emphasize this – because it’s so rare — my team has analyzed thousands of trades.

And every single time, when this pattern appeared, 94% of the trades were winners.

Even better, we manipulated our strategy so we can have the power to cash in over and over again while still enjoying that 94% win rate.

See how it’s all done right here.

Good trading,

Tom Gentile

America’s #1 Pattern Trader

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