Triple Your Money in Eight Days with This “Fast Ball” Challenge

Dear Power Profit Trader,

Those who have been with me for a while know that I’m an options guy.

Wall Street will tell you that options are high-risk trading vehicles that aren’t worth your time. But that couldn’t be further from the truth…

See, options were originally created as a way to reduce risk. And even the most basic trading techniques will increase your returns over stock trading.

But options aren’t just lower-risk and higher-reward. In fact, my favorite part of trading options is the sheer speed at which you can see a return.

You can kiss Wall Street’s outdated buy-and-hold method goodbye. The days of waiting years to see an investment turn a profit big enough to make you sell are over.

Because today, I’m dropping an exclusive challenge for the first time ever. If accepted, you could achieve an entirely new level of trading success and rake in some of the fastest cash you’ve ever seen.

To accept this challenge, and take the first step toward trading expertise, just click here…

Challenge Accepted: Bank the Fastest Cash in the Market with Weekly Options

In general, options have the power to dramatically reduce risk and increase returns. They also bring massive leverage – you can control thousands of dollars’ worth of stock for just pennies if you’re using options.

But it gets even better. Enter weekly options – they offer lower risk, higher returns, and even bigger leverage. They’re basically options on steroids.

Take this “fast ball” play on Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS), for example. The banking giant was set to report earnings on January 15, 2020 before market open. Now, history indicates that GS typically runs up into earnings. So, with a short-term bullish prognosis on the stock, my plan was to get into a trade on January 7, eight days before earnings, and get out the day before the announcement – January 14.

This way, I could avoid the earnings announcement altogether, and step out of the path of a potentially detrimental gap down in the stock.

But here’s the trick – I didn’t buy the stock. I mean, GS was trading for around $235 per share. That means $23,500 for 100 shares, which just isn’t worth it in my book.

Now, a typical trader would have used traditional monthly options. But you know that I’m not a typical trader. I’m always after the fastest, most lucrative returns. That’s why I employed weekly options instead.

As predicted, GS shares rose as the company’s earnings report approached. In eight days, the stock went from $235.49 to $246.66 – a 4.7% return on investment (ROI).

With a monthly option, I could have doubled my money in eight days. That’s 20 times the amount I’d have returned had I bought the stock. Not bad!

But with weekly options, I could have tripled my investment. And I would have paid less than half the entry price I did on the monthly option. Even better.

So, what’s the catch?

Trading weekly options is like batting in fast-pitch cages. Things move quickly. When your forecast on a stock is right, like it was with GS, you can make a ton of money fast. But it works the other way around too. If you’re wrong, you can lose fast too.

But that’s exactly what I’m here for.

I’ve been trading for nearly 30 years. And now, I want to teach you to master options, just like I’ve done with over 300,000 other students.

I use time-tested, reliable patterns to predict where a stock will go. With the strongest market predictors on your side, you have the best chance of being correct about a stock’s movement – and then, time isn’t working against you. It’s working in your favor.

To learn exactly how I do this each and every week – step by step – watch this.

Now, here’s my challenge to you…

Alongside your normal option trades, start paper trading weeklies. Find stocks that consistently move up or down as their earnings date approaches. You can do this by looking at stock charts.

Keep your trades low-risk by cutting losses at 50% and taking profits at a double. Paper trading is like doing pushups – you’re building your weekly trading muscle, preparing to cash in on some of the fastest, biggest gains in the market.

Weeklies might be the fastest way to make money. But there’s another way to score big money in this market too. Tomorrow, I’ll show you a technique that’s already handed my readers six triple-digit winners this year.

Stay tuned…

Tom Gentile

America’s #1 Pattern Trader

14 Responses to “Triple Your Money in Eight Days with This “Fast Ball” Challenge”

  1. Alexander van Eyck

    Tom, simple question. If this is such a lucrative system, why share it with everyone? As I understand it, Mike Ward’s policy is that Money press Editors like yourself cannot engage in the trades recommended. I presume that the ones you recommend are the very best your system has to offer. Why put yourself in that position and just take a slice of the subscription monies? I would have a lot more confidence trading along side of you knowing you have your money at risk same as me. You love the excitement of making money but being an editor at MoneyPress you can’t participate. Makes no sense to me

  2. Douglas Henderson

    I,m all in I,m going to flip my lawyers bill on a few fastballs need out by the 9.2.20 or sooner. Its 2.2.20 I have opened the tradeing accounts joined Alpa 9 instead of paying my lawyer I need some of these weekly option trades lets play some fast ball Tom give me some Alpha 9 fast ball alerts please come on lets play ball. I,m going for 1 million in 2020 using Alpha 9 fastball.

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