Ten “Short Squeeze” Stocks that are Flying Under the Radar

We just saw a slew of novice traders blow up the top “short squeeze” stocks on the market.

One trader saw his GameStop investment – that he started with only a few thousand dollars – grow to $300K… only to disappear before he could click ‘sell.’

Another trader invested in 23,000 shares in the same stock – worth roughly $10 a pop – and walked away with $9 million in his pocket.

Now, this major volatility is how I knew not to touch GameStop with a 10-foot pole.

The stock moved too fast, and it was bound to crash and burn.

That’s exactly why I directed my focus to finding the top 10 shorted stocks on the market that nobody is looking at right now – and how to trade them with the highest probability of profit.

These novice traders have their head on a swivel to find which stock is going to be the next investment to skyrocket their account – and I have them all listed right here.

Now, I am not the only one looking at these shorted stocks.

Despite hedge fund managers and institutional traders treating the market like their own private poker game for years, this “Short Squeeze rebellion” appears to have pulled back the curtain.

Now that everyday folks have flexed this kind of muscle, they’re going to keep coordinating and targeting stocks with massive short interest…

Which is why everyone in the trading world is excited about this incredible opportunity.

In fact, my friend and colleague Andrew Keene wants to show you the two things you have to look for to get in before the next short squeeze, as more and more indicators race across his screen.

Click here now for all the details.

Good Trading,

Tom Gentile

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