Here’s the life raft your portfolio needs

Tom Gentile here.

Until 2020, “SPAC” was practically considered a dirty word to serious investors.

Yet over the last year and half, some of America’s top startups and private businesses have made the jump onto the stock market thanks to their partnerships with such organizations.

Many others are in talks to do the same, including personal finance giant SoFi and DNA test company 23andMe.

To fully illustrate just how far this shift has come, look back in 2009… There was only one single SPAC active at the time – and today, there are nearly 550!

I’m sure you’ve heard about this SPAC boom by now…

But the biggest gains won’t come from buying the “next best SPAC.” They could come from a new investment vehicle benefiting from all of this money – something called “pre-IPO rights.”

So with that said, click here for a full briefing from our SPAC expert.

And featured in today’s video…

Years of trading experience hasn’t shielded me – or anyone, for that matter – from losing trades.

Practically everyone that took a chance on the market has at least one, two, or three sore spots in their portfolio that just aren’t going the way they predicted.

But while most traders watch in horror as their money begins to shrink…

I’m implementing my “fix-it” strategy to turn things around – without adding extra money or risk to the trade.

Save your aching trades now – catch my full “fix-it” demo video here…

All the best with nursing those trades.

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