We Predicted FAANG’s Jump – Now, Let’s Do It Again

Since March’s market low, Facebook has gained over 84%…

Amazon has notched 90%…

Apple has doubled

Netflix has jumped almost 70%…

And Google has scored 41%.

Clearly, the division between Wall Street and Main Street couldn’t be wider. Coronavirus cases continue to spike amidst an impending presidential election. Yet, trends are up, seasonals are up, and the FAANG stocks appear unstoppable.

But this division shouldn’t be surprising – not to Power Profit Traders, at least. Because we predicted this move in FAANG.

At the end of September, the top tech giants were falling. But we knew the downside wouldn’t last.

We looked at Fibonacci levels and Apple’s stock, and we knew this week’s jump higher was coming.

See, the best way to predict the future of the market is to look at the past. It worked for us last time around – so today, we’re doing it again.

In this video, I’ll show you exactly what you can expect from the markets during the back half of October – and I’ll even reveal where the best profit opportunities are hiding.

Just click below to watch…

Now, FAANG stocks aren’t the only companies stacked with profit potential. Take Lend-Grow, for example. It’s a company on a mission to democratize lending and make finding better loans easier for everyone…

And it’s already seen absolutely mind-boggling growth. Growth that I see continuing for the long haul.

Why? Well, when you look into the company’s metrics, it all adds up…

  1. Lend-Grow belongs to a $128 billion industry.
  2. The product is unique.
  3. The company is on track for exponential growth.

If there were a checklist for startup companies’ success, Lend-Grow would check all the boxes, in my opinion.

Early success like Lend-Grow’s is hard to find in the startup world. Luckily, you can invest in this deal recommendation now – taking advantage of its future growth and the windfalls that could come with it.

Just click here to check out Lend-Grow’s deal page.

If you like what you see, scroll down to “How to Invest” and learn how to claim your stake.

Here’s to your success,

Tom Gentile

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