Here’s How You Get Paid to Buy Gold on the Cheap

Dear Reader,

Here we go again…

In less than two weeks – on or around October 1 – the government could run out of money.

Personally, I believe the Republicans and Democrats will reach a deal, like always… even if it’s in the eleventh hour.

But whether or not they do, there’s one place you can turn to protect yourself and profit from Washington’s gridlock – GOLD.

Now you may be thinking… “but Tom, you told us last week that you’re down on gold right now…”

As you’ll recall, I also explained why I’m not the least bit concerned. In fact, gold is already trading higher from its recent lows.

And that’s why I’m going to show you the most important chart I’m looking at today – and exactly how to get paid to buy this “shutdown-proof” commodity.

Let’s get started…

    Three Rules to Remember When Selling Puts…

    Now I don’t sell puts on just anything. They have to be first class companies, or commodities like SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). So that’s why I created these three rules when evaluating put-selling as a strategy:

    1. Sell puts on stocks you would want to own at below-market prices
    2. Sell puts on stocks that have HIGHER-than-average implied volatility
    3. Sell puts that give you a high statistical probability – the higher, the better

    Now I use this as a cash-secured strategy, and I don’t overleverage it. But gold isn’t the only asset it works on…




    You name it – they’re all fair game.

    That’s why this is one of my favorite strategies to use of all time.

    Because when gold explodes, they all go with it.

    Let me show you play them for steady, fast cash.



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