BRUTUS is insisting on this trade March 22

It’s been a little over a week since we traded Rivian Automotive (RIVN), which I anticipated being the most exciting trade in March – but BRUTUS is saying something different!

BRUTUS is my A.I. power trigger event software, which identifies potential trade setups which we use in Operation Surge Strike.

Before I get into the next big trade in March, I want to review the RIVN setup I traded with my Surge Strike group.

Last Monday, March 7, BRUTUS showed that it was time to trade!

Specifically, it was recommending buying a Put with a strike price of 47, a target of 50%, and an expiration of March 11.

Here’s what that Put trade looked like that I sent to Operation Surge Strike:

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Rivian Automotive (RIVN) Option Chain – March 4

Within 24 hours, we had hit our profit target of 50%, and this is the trade close alert sent to Surge Strike members:

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Operation Surge Strike Alert – March 8

There’s another setup coming in March that I am just as excited about as I was for the trade on RIVN!

You can find more details on that trade below!

More Than Meets The Eye

I want to show one more thing before we get into the trade coming in March, because this is important for the context behind HOW I find these Surge Strike trades.

These two charts are of Options Implied Volatility for Adobe Inc (ADBE) and Micron Technology, Inc. (MU), which appear very similar!

Adobe Inc (ADBE) Implied Volatility (IV) – March 16

Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) Implied Volatility (IV) – March 16

BRUTUS uses surges in Implied Volatility (IV) to find the Surge Strike setups I show during the Power Profit Trades LIVE sessions each week.

I trade only the most attractive of these setups, and I send the trades out to Operation Surge Strike members when it’s time to open or close a trade.

The two charts above look similar from a volatility perspective, and both have trades coming this month, but there is a key difference!

BRUTUS has done all the leg work, analyzed previous performance as well as current market conditions, and determined that MU has an average ROI on Surge Strike trades of over 60%, where ADBE has a mere 7% ROI.

You can probably guess which one we’ll be trading as part of Operation Surge Strike!

The most exciting setup I am seeing for March, which has the potential to be even bigger than the trade we had on RIVN (and is cheaper than the RIVN trade), is on Micron Technology (MU)!

That trade will be taking place around March 22.

I say “around” March 22 because BRUTUS will continue analyzing market conditions leading up to then to determine the exact entry date, type of trade, profit target, and exit date.

I’ll be sending the exact details out to all members of Operation Surge Strike. If you have been on the fence about joining then now is a great time to get in so you don’t miss out!

The next Power Profit Trades LIVE session starts at 11:30 a.m. ET, and I hope to see you there!

If you weren’t able to watch the Power Profit Trades LIVE session yesterday, you can catch the replay here.

I’ll see you soon!

Tom Gentile
America’s #1 Pattern Trader


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