Double Your Profit Probability Using This Cutting Edge Tactic

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was go to the arcade.

There was something so satisfying about handing that wad of tickets in for a new bouncy ball, or a pack of Razzles, or one of those Chinese finger trappers – even if it took me 100 quarters to get there.

And that’s the thing. When it comes to arcade games, you lose more often than you win. It’s just like that old-time casino saying: “The house always wins.”

All this means is that casinos – and in this case, arcades – always maintain a probability edge over their customers. And in the end, probability wins and the house rakes in the cash.

When it comes to trading, there’s actually a way for you to maintain that same probability edge… and start collecting cash just like casinos and arcades do.

And that probability edge will have you doubling your chance of profits – if you play it right.

There’s only one way to double your profit probability every single time

“Summer’s Black Friday” Could Hand You a Triple-Digit Profit Next Quarter

I want you to think of Christmastime.

I know, I know – it’s the dead heat of summer. But bear with me. I promise there’s a point here.

When I think of the holidays, a lot of images come to mind…

Mariah Carey on the radio, my wife’s signature stuffing roasting in the oven, the crisp smell of a Douglas Fir…

Oh, and shopping – lots of it.

Last year, 151 million people shopped during the period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Many Americans even rely on this time for their entire lot of holiday gifts and supplies.

Now, what does this have to do with the present?

Well, there’s a new day of deals on the horizon, and they are just as irresistible as Black Friday’s.

And it’s all happening next month.

“Summer’s Black Friday” is completely changing the seasonal retail game, just like Black Friday transformed holiday shopping.

And get ready – because this day of deals could drop a triple-digit gain in your wallet by next quarter…

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