Q1 Earnings Could Devastate the Market – Here’s How to Make Your Next 100%

JP Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) reported better-than-expected revenues this morning, kicking off 2019 first quarter (Q1) earnings season.

Now, despite volatility, we’ve had a pretty good run in the market this year. Interest rates have come down, wages are higher, and all three major indices are closing in on records after major gains since January.

But when it comes to earnings, we’re always looking at the potential for a major reversal – one that could wipe out all of your hard-earned cash.

So today, I’m going to show you the two best ways to avoid losing money on earnings results…

The first is this one very simple strategy, which gives you the know-how to potentially cash in on any company’s earnings report – good or bad.

And click here to find out the second…

Play the Most Volatile Stocks’ “Gaps” for Profits This Earnings Season

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When it comes to trading, there’s one worry that stands out among the rest…


And it makes sense.

The market is volatile – that’s no secret. All a stock has to do is move in the wrong direction for you to lose money.

But one of the most volatile times of the year is now upon us – earnings season.

Now, earnings are one of the biggest market catalysts out there, and Q1 is going to be filled with a boatload of stocks that don’t meet their earnings expectations – in both directions.

If you bet the wrong way, you could end up losing everything.

But there’s one strategy that allows you to profit whether the stock rises or falls.

And it’s the only way to prevent losing every last penny to these volatile earnings gappers

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