“COVID Stocks” are Falling – Use these Two Strategies to Profit

“Turn out the Lights, the Party’s Over”

This song, for me and I’m sure many of you, was made famous by Don Meredith on Monday Night Football.

This week, these words came back to me loud and clear as companies that saw major gains during quarantine began to decline.

It’s clear that the “party’s over” for these streaming, food delivery, and home-shopping stocks as the world returns to normal, and I have two ways to play this move to the downside for major profits.

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Three Opportunities to Profit on the Rebounding US Dollar

In 2020, the US dollar dropped over 10%.

Now, the dollar, which is often considered one of the most stable currencies in the world, is gaining traction as people put their money back into the markets.

That’s why today I am going to share why I’m so bullish on this currency and why now is the time to get in.

I’ll go over the top three moneymaking trades that will benefit as the dollar rises, and exactly how to profit.

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The Four “Phoenix Rising” Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now

In the first three months of 2021, tech stocks took a major hit, down 5% on the year as of March 4.

And it makes sense!

Everybody already bought the latest editions of their phone or gaming console, downloaded all of the latest Work From Home software, and upgraded streaming services (here’s to you “no-ads” Hulu.)

Major companies have been struggling to keep up with the unprecedented demands of 2020, and we saw the repercussions of this over the past couple of weeks.

During March, money was flying out of the tech sector… but not out of every tech stock

Which is why as we start the month of April, I found the top four stocks that are “rising from the ashes” and will get a major boost on money flowing back into the technology market.

These stocks have been in the green and are set to run further to the upside during one of the most profitable months of the year.

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Oil’s Seasonal Pattern is Surging – You’re Not Too Late to Profit

Mercedes-Benz Stadium – where back in the day I would go to watch the Falcons play – is now a vaccination center.

People are getting drive-through shots at pop-up clinics.

I even saw where somebody got their vaccine at a Home Depot garden center!

With vaccinations ramping up and travel restrictions lifting, the demand for oil is high.

And I have a great moneymaking opportunity to play the oil market’s continuous move to the upside.

In today’s video, I will cover the best ways to play oil’s seasonal pattern using profitable stocks and options strategies.

Four Industrial Stocks (That Aren’t Airlines) to Play the Market’s Bull Run

During the pandemic, we were spending money on technology to stay entertained and connected.

People bought the iPhone 12 and the PlayStation 5 as soon as they were released.

Workers added computer monitors and paid for Zoom subscriptions to make WFH easier.

Folks bought Teslas and Smart TVs with the money they would have otherwise spent on vacations and travel.

But the fact is that things have changed.

Money is flying out of the tech sector – and industrials are reaping the benefit.

Certain industrial stocks like airlines have already started their move up.

But there’s still money to be made by looking at specific stocks that are about to hit their stride.

That’s why I’m uncovering the top industrial stocks that are setting up to run -and how they can hand you a massive profit.

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Hack the Hottest Sector of the Market by Trading These Stocks

Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency by market cap, broke above $61,000 for the first time in history.

This red-hot market is continuing to surge – which means major profit opportunities for us!

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast, a novice trader, or somebody who doesn’t touch crypto with a 10-foot pole – today’s video is going to be one to watch.

I’m going to show you how to profit on the Bitcoin bull run without having to actually buy Bitcoin.

We will dive into the top stocks that are trading in correlation to this digital asset and how you can make crazy money – I’m talking up to 5X returns – all by trading options on these stocks.

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I’m Revealing My April Shopping List – Stock Edition

As we finish out the month, my focus is set on April and the best moneymaking opportunities that are on the horizon.

Top technical indicators are showing that we could be in for a low volatility month, and Chris Johnson and I are going to cover how we can use this to our trading advantage.

In today’s episode of The Profit Strategies Podcast, we’re dissecting the four corners of the market – stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities – and I’m revealing my grocery list of the best stocks to buy in April.

As traders, we always want to be ahead of the crowd, and today’s episode is going to show you how to be first in line for major profits in the coming month.

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The Top Four Stocks to Buy with Your $1,400 Stimulus Check

When the first round of stimulus checks hit last year and we were all under “safer at home” orders, everybody I knew bought a Peloton.

Everybody spent their nights in front of the TV with our upgraded Disney + catching up on The Mandalorian.

Everybody was on a first name basis with the Amazon Prime delivery driver.

Everybody spent holidays and Happy Hours on Zoom with friends and family.

These companies kept us entertained, connected, protected, and safe – and they also made us big money.

In 2020 alone Zoom stock jumped 635% with the stock trading at a high of $588.

I’m reliving the past here because it shows us what’s to come.

And I’ve unveiled the next four stocks that are set to be the biggest moneymakers on the market

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