This is How You Profit on the U.S. Dollar – No Matter What

A few weeks back, I predicted that the U.S. dollar would become even more volatile heading into September.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

In fact, it fell again this morning for the sixth month in a row – the longest declining streak in 14 years.

Now this is extremely important because the price of the dollar can affect anything from the price you pay for a gallon of milk to the value of your 401(k).

But it doesn’t have to hurt you…

All you need to know is how to profit – no matter where it goes from here.

This Store Just Put Amazon on Notice – Here’s What to Do

Between the Congressional investigation into anti-trust laws violations and the latest reports of price gouging ahead of Hurricane Irma, it’s no surprise that some of the media pundits are shorting Amazon (AMZN).

Now that’s certainly one way to play this juggernaut…

But it’s definitely not the smartest – unless, of course, you’re okay with losing all of your money.

Instead, I’ve got a strategy you can use that offers unlimited profit potential.

And it’s on a retailer that’s virtually Amazon-proof

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