The Most Lucrative Way to Invest in Ford Right Now

Ford Motor Company (F) held an investor conference on October 2. Among the many announcements they made, the biggest takeaway is that they are entering into the electronic vehicle market and some impressive sales numbers. They even have a team assembled to speed up the development of these new vehicles.

And since the conference, Ford’s stock is trading above $12.25.

Now while that is a low stock price, let’s face it… nobody buys a single share of a company. Smart traders like you prefer to control larger portions of stock.

And this strategy will give you higher profits with a much lower sticker price

Your Seven-Day Market Forecast – and How to Profit

The mainstream media is focusing on the jobs report, which was released earlier today. But, while this report can give you a general idea of the state of the markets, the numbers are skewed (I’ll tell you why in a moment).

So instead of focusing on a flawed report that doesn’t give you the full picture, the best thing to do is to look at the “Four Corners.”

And here’s what they’re saying

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