How to Find the Easiest Stocks to Trade

A lot’s happened this week to really drag down U.S. stocks. Between an unsurprisingly poor earnings performance by the latest round of retailers, like Macy’s and JC Penny, and constant new developments breaking out of Washington, it’s no surprise that people are feeling uneasy about putting (and keeping) their money in the markets.

But it’s also a great opportunity to turn this uncertainty into profits.

You just need to know which, of the nearly 4,000 stocks out there, are the easiest – and fastest – ones to “cash out.”

And I’ve got the list right here…

How to Protect Yourself from the Fed on June 13

Janet Yellen was hawkish in last Wednesday’s Fed meeting and even referred to the slowed economic growth in the first quarter as “transitory.”

Translation – no big deal.

So while they’re holding interest rates steady for now, you’re looking at more than a 90% chance of another interest rate hike on June 13, when the Fed meets again.  

Now higher interest rates could affect everything from your mortage and credit card payments to the equities in your portfolio.

But here’s how you can protect yourself…

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