Month: July 2016

How to Save Your Cash when the Stock Market Works Against You

You might have some options in your portfolio expiring at 3pm EST today that haven’t exactly been moving in your favor.

The question is… should you have held onto these trades or gotten out of them early?

This is one of the most challenging aspects of options trading that you can face – especially if you’re just getting started.

While it can sometimes seem as though there’s nothing you can do to save a losing trade, exiting your position early versus letting the option expire can decide between a 10% loss and a 100% loss (or worse).

And that’s why I want to help you get your timing down pat before we start a brand new week of trading.

So I’m going to tell you when it’s time to hold on to a losing trade and when it’s time to jump out early…

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The Rio Summer Games Could Send This Stock Soaring by August 21st – Here’s What to Watch

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic games are little more than a week away, kicking off on August 5th.

Last time around, with the 2012 London Summer Olympics, many in North America had trouble watching because of the time difference. But with Rio two hours ahead of the U.S. East Coast, this time around we’re going to have even better coverage of the games.

Even better… NBC is planning on making every event available for live streaming via your TV, tablet, and smartphone. And that means that we’ll have much more time to glue ourselves to the games.

But as fans get ready to strap on their soda guzzler helmets, there’s one stock you should be watching closely…

This company generated nearly $41.3 billion off the back of the 2012 Winter Olympics in Sochi, taking in 80% of its profits from ad space sales.

Its stock is trading at all-time highs, providing an annual return of 22% over the last five years, and it beat its expected earnings this morning.

And with its incredible new technology, this stock could jump even higher by the closing ceremony on August 21st

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