Month: March 2019

Prevent Your Next Portfolio Crash with This High-Flyer Insurance Policy

There’s a reason people always say, “bulls climb up the stairs and the bears fall out the window.”

This old adage is true – stocks tend to fall more quickly than they rise. And bigger bears – meaning more expensive stocks – fall even faster and harder.

The past three weeks, I’ve shown you three of my favorite trading strategies to help you turn the biggest profits in any market- calls, puts, and call spreads…

But when these big bears start to fall, none of those strategies are going to cut it – you could end up losing thousands of dollars, and fast.

So here’s the only way you can walk away from these massive drops unscathed

Escalate Your Profit Potential with the Best and Worst Stocks of the Year

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A lot has happened in the market over the past year, good and bad…

There are a select few stocks that have come out on top… and a select few that have done the opposite.

It’s important to take a look at the latest highs and lows to understand which stocks are worth putting your money into – it shows you how to build a trading strategy that will deliver the best possible profits, time and time again.

And when you see what’s been performing the best over the past year, some of those names might surprise you.

Because this important information is the kind of stuff you just don’t get from the news…

How to Play Marriott’s Explosive Three-Year Plan

Marriott International, the globally known hotel chain, just went live with an explosive three-year growth plan following their merger with Starwood.

This plan includes 1,700 new hotels…295,000 new rooms…and more than $700 million in revenue.

Now, with these heavy-hitting figures – there’s no doubt the stock is getting set to skyrocket.

And here’s exactly how to secure the biggest gains from this growth game plan

This Bearish Profits Blueprint is The Portfolio Upgrade You Need

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When the market is falling, you might find yourself wanting to step away from the trading…

But that’s a common mistake most average traders make.

You see, a bearish market doesn’t mean a market without opportunities…

In fact, the bears can deliver some of the biggest profits out there.

And it all boils down to one simple factor.

Here’s what I mean

Investors Just Broke the Number One Trading Rule Following Trump’s Call to Ground Boeing

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that President Trump made the executive order to ground all Boeing 737 MAX planes on Thursday.

The new fuel-efficient models are a huge cash flow driver for Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), making up about 25% of total sales. So after Trump’s order hit, Boeing’s stock responded. Shares have now fallen a drastic 11%, wiping over $25 billion off the aircraft manufacturer’s market value.

Boeing makes up more than 10% of the Dow, so this drastic loss dragged down the entire market as a result. And investors across the board immediately began adjusting their portfolios in an attempt to offset the falling market. But here’s the thing – that’s exactly what Wall Street wants you to do.

Here’s why it’s actually the number one trading mistake that you could make

“Fall Out the Window” with This Bearish Play and Score the Biggest Profits

There’s a famous saying when it comes to trading that goes like this:

“Bulls climb up the stairs and the bears fall out of the window…”

In other words, this means stocks often fall faster than they rise.

In fact, if you’re not playing the downside, you’re leaving big and fast profits on the table.

But you don’t have to short stocks to cash in on this – there’s actually a much better way.

And today, I’m going to show you exactly how to cash in on the bear and protect your wallet while you’re at it.

Here’s what I mean

Lyft’s New IPO Could Be the Investment from Your Nightmares – Here’s Why

From leading the Apple App store in downloads to the decline of the iconic yellow cab, ride-hailing apps have continued to become more and more popular over the last few years.

Uber and Lyft are leading the pack, hosting a combined 125 million users.

Now, Lyft is looking to break out from its ride-hailing counterparts…

And on Friday, the company filed for its first IPO.

But no matter the number of users, drivers, or rides – money talks, and Lyft doesn’t have much to say…

So, here’s what you need to know before you invest in this brand new IPO

Unlock Unlimited Profit Potential with This “Quick Cash” Strategy

You’ve probably heard it all before…

“Options are too risky…”

“You can lose all your money trading options…”

“Trading options is a losing game…”

But options are only a losing game for the big guys on Wall Street…

And when you play them right, you can earn an unimaginable amount of money

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That’s why today, I’m kicking off a four-week training series that will show you step by step how to exploit the stock market for the biggest gains.

So, let’s get started