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When the market is falling, you might find yourself wanting to step away from the trading…

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Investors Just Broke the Number One Trading Rule Following Trump’s Call to Ground Boeing

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that President Trump made the executive order to ground all Boeing 737 MAX planes on Thursday.

The new fuel-efficient models are a huge cash flow driver for Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), making up about 25% of total sales. So after Trump’s order hit, Boeing’s stock responded. Shares have now fallen a drastic 11%, wiping over $25 billion off the aircraft manufacturer’s market value.

Boeing makes up more than 10% of the Dow, so this drastic loss dragged down the entire market as a result. And investors across the board immediately began adjusting their portfolios in an attempt to offset the falling market. But here’s the thing – that’s exactly what Wall Street wants you to do.

Here’s why it’s actually the number one trading mistake that you could make