Month: April 2017

Make Endless Cash on Your Next Earnings Trade Using this Simple Strategy

The Dow took a hit yesterday, dropping 100 points, after Goldman Sachs (GS) missed earnings expectations. Now this came as a major surprise to analysts and Wall Street – but more importantly, to anyone sitting and waiting to take profits on a seemingly easy trading opportunity. 

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about…

The biggest threat to your portfolio during earnings is an unexpected result – like GS yesterday.  

But the solution is actually quite simple.

And it has the power to deliver unlimited profits – on each and every trade…

The Easiest Way to Time Any Market

I came across an article today about how the average mutual fund investor isn’t making any money in the stock market (according to a recent study by the Center for Retirement Research). What’s worse is that they’re actually losing money – despite record highs.

The author concluded by making one point: “you simply can’t time the markets.”

But he couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, he’s wrong on multiple levels.

Not only can you time the markets – you can cash in on any stock move without even looking at your computer or calling your broker.

And it all boils down to these four little orders…