Month: March 2016

“Walk These Bands” to Colossal Money-Doubling Trades this Spring

A couple weeks ago, we talked about how you can use the U.S. economy to pinpoint your next perfect trade.

And one of the most accurate ways to monitor the overall state of the economy is the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index, which is designed to measure the degree of optimism consumers have about the economy.

Yesterday, the Conference Board released surprising results… showing that consumer confidence improved in March, reaching a much higher level than what economists predicted last month.

Even better…

Stock prices have rebounded since the lows we saw in mid-February, reflecting the higher confidence levels in the markets.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can use that investor confidence to set up your best money-doublers.

And by the time you finish reading, you’ll have the tools you need to tell which direction a stock is going and if the price is considered high or low.

Let’s get started.

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These “Samurai Patterns” Could Get You 100 Winning Trades in a Row

On Tuesday, I introduced you to Munehisa Homma.

But he was much more than the “father of the candlestick chart.”

Not only is Homma credited as being the inventor of technical analysis itself… he’s also considered to be the “God of the markets” (of his time).

And legend has it that he became a rice futures trading mogul – making today’s equivalent of $10 billion.

As a rules-based trader, though, his record is what fascinates me the most…

Homma was so good at identifying profit opportunities using his price patterns that he is said to have landed 100 winning trades in a row.

In fact, he was so respected that he was appointed as an important financial advisor to the Japanese government.

Now I mentioned previously that he developed multiple candlestick patterns.

But today, we’re going to focus on the only eight you’ll need…

Let’s get started.

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