Month: December 2016

Here’s When the Stock Market Rally Will End

After the Dow failed to hit the 20,000 mark yesterday, the TV news pundits went crazy.

In a matter of minutes, one station was calling for a huge stock market correction while another not only dismissed it – but said a correction was impossible next year.

Clearly, these talking heads don’t actually know if – or when – the markets will turn.

But there are two very distinct “lines” that do know…

These lines will tell you how strong this market rally is, how much longer it can hold up, and exactly when to get in and out of your trades…

Before the rest of the crowd.

Here’s how

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The Only “Crystal Ball” You Need to Exploit the Stock Market in 2017

At some point in your life (maybe even recently), you’ve likely heard the saying, “trust your gut – it’s always right.”

While that may be true for some things, like your health, it’s the last piece of advice you want to follow when it comes to trading.

In fact trading by your gut is really no different than trading by emotion, which is the fastest way to lose your money.

Instead, all you need to know is when and where a stock will move.

And this “crystal ball” will tell you each and every time…

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