Month: February 2016

How to Tell if that Trade You Want is REALLY Worth your Money Right Now

Investor’s growing concerns – like what the Fed will do in the future, how China’s economic situation will pan out, and where oil will end up- are driving the markets right now.

And this uncertainty can turn that winning trade of yours into a huge disappointment – in a matter of seconds.

Just look at what happened to Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) this year, for example.

But I have some great news for you…

You can predict just how much a stock will move in the future before you spend a penny on your next trade.

And it’s easy…

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This “Guru” Will Always Tell You If Your Trade Could Be A Moneymaker

To make thousands of dollars every month trading options, there two key elements you need to know: where a stock is going and when it will get there.

There are hundreds of technical indicators out there – like the commodity channel index (CCI), the relative strength index (RIS), and thesimple moving average – and we’ve talked about a few of these.

But of all the indicators that are out there, only one reigns supreme.

It tells you how tradable a stock is.

It tells you how effective a price move of a stock is.

It even tells you the likelihood of your trades being winners.

In fact, basically every other technical indicator is derived from it.

Yet not enough people know how to use this “guru” to make money.

So I’m going to tell you.

Let’s get started…

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