The Truth about Dow 21,000

When the Dow broke 21,000 last week, the financial news networks erupted in celebration – so much so you’d think every investor and trader just hit the stock market lottery.

Not quite…

While it’s true that the Dow’s second historical achievement this year certainly deserved some applause, the boisterous fanfare we were subjected to on TV was more than overkill.

In fact, there’s one thing the pundits forgot to tell you in all their excitement…

And it’s big.

How to Pocket an Easy 100% Profit on Home Depot

It’s no surprise right now that the brick and mortar stores are on their last legs – all you have to do is follow the endless stream of upcoming store closures to know that.

The real problem is that that media heads are scaring everyone into thinking they need to dump their retail stocks.

But not all retailers are suffering…

Now last month, I told you why home improvement stores are faring better than others. I also told you that Home Depot (HD) is the best home improvement stock to buy. 

And today, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make an easy 100% on this stock – no matter how bad the rest of the sector gets.